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Power Supply

  • NEA: 6859 MWh
  • Private Sector: 7354 MWh
  • India: 3034 MWh
  • Tripping: 5 MWh
  • Demand : 17252 MWh
  • Soure : NEA

Century LED targets Rs 100 crore topline

   November 14, 2017        409   

Floated a year and a half ago by the promoters of Century Plyboards’, Century LED is targeting a Rs 100 crore turnover in 2017-18 and hopes to double its manufacturing capacity from 10 million units to 20 million units next year.

The company which has managed to enhance its network to 16 states also plans to enter the electronics segment after it was consolidated its position in the highly competitive LED lighting segment.

“We are expanding our market share in the LED lights segment at a steady pace. Month-on-month growth has been between 8% and 10%,” said Century LED business head Anirudh Kajaria.

“In Kolkata, we are already the second largest LED brand by marketshare,” claimed Kajaria.
Century LED which sells its products under the brand name Magik set up a factory in Howrah at an

investment of Rs 45 crore one and a half year ago. This facility also houses its research and development facility.
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