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Power Supply

  • NEA: 354 MW
  • Private Sector: 194 MW
  • India: 476 MW
  • Loadshedding: 265 MW
  • Demand : 1289 MW
  • Soure : NEA


The madcap scheme to divert the Brahmaputra

Plans to divert a major river from Tibet to Xinjiang owe more to fantasy than science, argues Fan Xiao Last year a proposal to divert the Brahmaputra, one of Asia’s major rivers, from Tibet into Xinjiang province was posted online, causing quite a buzz. It’s the sort of crazy idea that pops…

What’s the impact of the East China Sea oil spill ?

The Sanchi has sunk but it’s cargo could still damage the environment, writes Feng Jie Sanchi, the Panama-registered oil tanker that set fire after colliding with a Hong Kong freighter on January 6, sank at about 5pm on Sunday, according to a report by China Science Daily. CCTV reported that flames…

The fight against climate change needs more women

Four Chinese environmentalists join an all-female expedition to the Antarctic In February, a cohort of 80 women from 13 countries will make the chilly voyage by ship from the tip of Latin America to Antarctica. They’re part of a project called Homeward Bound, which seeks to strengthen the leadership skills of 1,000…

Where’s the “Development” in China’s Global Development Finance?

Analysis of China’s foreign “aid” misses the fact that much of it is in the form of commercial loans and little of it seems to have helped the recipient countries develop, argues Matt Ferchen There is an emerging consensus that China is now a major player, maybe the major player,…

Jammu-Kashmir hydro project cleared without site visit

A major hydropower project, with a very large storage area, has been recommended for environmental clearance without even a site visit that the Environment Ministry had itself recommended The Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEFF) has given a green signal to the 800 MW Bursar Hydroelectric Project in the Himalayan…

One man against the Bagmati

In the middle of the Bihar flood, one man stands dry because he raised his farm land to match the embankment that prevents floodwaters from returning to the river Shatrughan Rai’s worst fear came true five years ago when the Bagmati river flooded his modest hut and took away all…

Philippines seeks China financing to rehab Agus-Pulangi hydropower complex

Philippines Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III announced the government is seeking Official Development Assistance financing (ODA) from China to rehabilitate plants of the Agus-Pulangi hydroelectric complex in Mindanao, Philippines. According to a Dec. 26 announcement, during an investment forum Dominguez said, “For the medium term, we are upgrading or rehabilitating the…

Benchmark glaciers in the Himalayas keep receding

The steady retreat of the Satopanth and Bhagirath-Kharak glaciers is a chilling reminder of how climate change is affecting the hydrology of the Ganga’s headwaters Located just three kilometres from the Hindu shrine of Badrinath, Mana is the last village near the India-China border. At a height of more than…

Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar Back Away From Chinese Projects

 In the short space of just a few weeks, Pakistan, Nepal and Myanmar have canceled or sidelined three major hydroelectricity projects planned by Chinese companies. The rejection of the three projects, worth nearly $20 billion, comes as a serious jolt to China’s ambitious trade-linking project, the Belt and Road Initiative…

Living well off a glacier, while it lasts

The desert blooms now. Blueberries grow to the size of Ping-Pong balls in nothing but sand. Asparagus fields cross dunes, disappearing over the horizon. The desert produce is packed and shipped to places like Denmark and Delaware. Electricity and water have come to villages that long had neither. Farmers have…