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Power Supply

  • NEA: 347 MW
  • Private Sector: 314 MW
  • India: 316 MW
  • Loadshedding: 300 MW
  • Demand : 1272 MW
  • Soure : NEA


Solar alliance brings sunshine to Bonn summit

A multilateral market platform for financial risk mitigation proposed at COP23 is expected to create a transformative ecosystem for solar power in tropical countries Countries with high solar power potential have backed a common risk mitigation mechanism that could unlock up to USD 15 billion of investments to add 20 gigawatts…

Hydro licensing bill passes House; Dam safety amendment omitted

Legislation designed to streamline hydroelectric power licensing and relicensing was approved by a majority vote in the House. The bill, called the Hydropower Policy Modernization Act of 2017 -- or officially House Resolution 3043 -- passed the Republican-controlled House with a 257-166 advantage. The policy's primary purpose is to allow the Federal…

India’s national waterways: what are the impacts on rivers, ecology and livelihoods?

The government has made a strong push for inland waterways but confusion over environmental assessments and clearance processes cloud development In September, the World Bank reportedly approved a USD 120 million (INR 7.8 billion) loan to the state of Assam for the development of inland water transport. Coming closely on the heels…

Is the war on coal really over?

“The war against coal is over.” That was the claim from EPA chief Scott Pruitt ahead of his announcement that he would rewrite a signature climate change program from the Obama era. On Tuesday, Pruitt’s EPA proposed to withdraw the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a controversial step that seeks to…

How solar energy transformed a village in Sindh

Off-grid solar power has transformed a poor village in Pakistan’s Sindh province, bringing prosperity and providing opportunities to men and women that has changed their lives for the better As you pass Gharo on the national highway, giant whirling windmills can be seen on the hazy horizon, attempting to add…

Solar power, drip irrigation enrich vulnerable Nepali village

Fisherfolk in Ramechhap district – one of the most exposed to drought – now earn USD 500 more than Nepal’s per capita income by selling vegetables The Sunkoshi river, one of seven tributaries to the Koshi, takes on the title of “the sorrow of Bihar” when it crosses the border…

Scenario in study for pumped storage hydropower in Virginia indicates estimated cost at US$2 billion

Dominion Energy, which currently manages the largest pumped storage hydroelectric project in the U.S., announced results from a study it commissioned on building a proposed pumped storage hydropower facility in the coalfield region of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia is located in the American Northeast, and the coalfield localities within…

Water, energy, food can’t be seen separately

You need water and energy to grow food. You need water to generate energy, even in a solar farm. You need energy to pump water. The water-energy-food nexus is a no-brainer, so why is it so often ignored? The answer depends on who’s answering. Traditional policymakers say that the nexus…

Biryani at 4,700 meters: Khunjerab Pass

A trip to Khunjerab Pass reveals how swiftly and dramatically the Hindu Kush Himalayan region in Pakistan is changing under the impact of development undertaken via CPEC I had visited the Khunjerab Pass many years ago, in the era before the September 2001 attacks, and clearly remember that tough but…

People are opposed in Uttarakhand against Pancheshwar Dam

The proposed India-Nepal 5,040 MW Pancheshwar project aims to produce more power than all existing dams in the state, and it is generating massive protests Slogans rent the air as around 1,000 people gathered outside Vikas Bhawan in the Pithoragarh district headquarters of Uttarakhand on August 11. They held up…