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HP: Hydroelectric projects shut down due to rise in silt levels in Sutlej

   August 19, 2019        355        Urjakhabar

Shimla- Electricity production in the country’s biggest underground hydroelectric project on Sutlej’s tributary Bhaba Khad river was suspended on Sunday due to rise in silt in the river.

Along with the 1500 MW project, operations in the 412 MW Rampur project in Shimla district were also shut down after silt level increased in the river owing to heavy rainfall.

The amount of silt in Sutlej has crossed 8000 parts per million (ppm) in the Nathpa Jhakri dam in Kinnaur district.

“Till the time the silt content in the Sutlej river at Nathpa Jhakri dam doesn’t go below 5000 ppm, electricity production will remain suspended,” Sanjeev Sood, Project Head, Nathpa Jhakri hydroelectric power plant said.

“The silt content in the Sutlej river system which constitutes of its tributaries has gone up by a huge margin. The situation is especially grave in the Bhaba Khad river. The machines for electricity production will remain shut from 9.30 am on Sunday. At the moment, the tunnel gates in the dam are being closed,” he added.