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Mexican president-elect reaffirms plan to boost CFE’s hydroelectric capacity

   July 12, 2018        483        Elizabeth Ingram

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, president-elect of Mexico, recently reaffirmed his promise to boost the hydroelectric capacity of state-run electricity utility Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) in a meeting with business chambers.

According to BNamericas, Lopez Obrador’s hydroelectric policy is contained in his economic development plan and is centered on three strategic lines:

1.       Increasing the efficiency of existing hydroelectric plants, which will require investment of up to US$1.2 billion up to 2028

2.       Building new hydroelectric plants with smaller reservoirs, requiring investment of US$1.9 billion through 2025

3.       Building mini-hydroelectric plants, requiring investment of US$6.3 billion by private companies through 2030

The 750-MW El Cajon hydropower facility, on the Rio Grande de Santiago in Nayarit, is just one CFE hydro plant. The company also operates the 240-MW Chicoasen 2 plant on the Grijalva River.

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