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  • India: 7852 MWh
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  • Demand : 16444 MWh
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More people opting to pay electricity bills online in Maharashtra’s Nashik

   April 16, 2018        572        Abhilash Botekar

Of the 23.7 lakh consumers in the Nashik zone of the MaharashtraState Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), 2.5 lakh pay their bills online. In 2017 March, the figure was 46,933.

“The money collected through online or digital media has touched Rs 50.38 crore in January this year — a 75% rise against the collection through digital means in April 2017,” an official said.

“This is because the people have accepted digital payment mode or slowly picking it up,” said Rakesh Shelke, a software engineer.

But, the online payment figures were fluctuating over the months. “There is huge sway in the figures of consumers taking online services. We are trying to find out the reason. But we are happy that the number has increased at the end of the fiscal year,” an official said.

“The consumers would face about 1% to 2% payment charges in case they used debit cards for payment of amounts above Rs 500,” said Kailash Kulkarni, a businessman.

“There are many people who have bills above Rs 500 and but unwilling to use their debit cards because of the charges. The MSEDCL’s recent decision to bear the charges will boost the chances of these people going for digital payments,” he said.