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NEA MD Ghising refutes corruption charges against him

   May 22, 2019        239        The Himalayan Times

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Managing Director Kul Man Ghising has refuted the corruption charges levelled against him.

Addressing the meeting of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Legislature-Parliament here today, Ghising challenged lawmakers to prove the corruption charges against him and said, “I am ready to be hanged if I am proved guilty.”

Among others, lawmaker and PAC member Aman Lal Modi, had claimed that Ghising was involved in embezzling billions of rupees in the name of collecting pending taxes from industrialists who have been using dedicated feeder and trunk line from the power utility.

However, Ghising not only refuted this charge but also said that lawmakers of various constituent assemblies have been obstructing development activities, which PAC and other parliamentary committees should look into.

“Baseless accusations only demoralise people who are dedicatedly fulfilling their responsibilities,” said Ghising.

However, Modi said that NEA is involved in policy corruption amounting to billions in different projects, including in the 25-megawatt solar plant project and the Koshi Corridor Transmission Line Project.

“I may be criticised for levying corruption charges against NEA MD. But there has been financial embezzlement and corruption in a number of NEA-led projects and it should be investigated,” said Modi.

The Himalayan Times