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Power Supply

  • NEA: 8517 MWh
  • Private Sector: 5315 MWh
  • India: 11474 MWh
  • Tripping: 120 MWh
  • Demand : 25426 MWh
  • Soure : NEA

News Paper

Government urged to allow private sector to invest in power transmission

In a bid to ensure that the country meets its ambitious hydropower production plan and boosts its economy, power producers have urged the government to let the private sector invest in transmission lines. During the budget announcement for the current fiscal, the government had opened the door for the private…

Hydropower dams can harm coastal areas far downstream

Thousands of hydroelectric dams are under construction around the world, mainly in developing countries. These enormous structures are one of the world’s largest sources of renewable energy, but they also cause environmental problems. Hydropower dams degrade water quality along rivers. Water that flows downstream from the dams is depleted of oxygen, which…

NEA MD Ghising refutes corruption charges against him

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Managing Director Kul Man Ghising has refuted the corruption charges levelled against him. Addressing the meeting of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Legislature-Parliament here today, Ghising challenged lawmakers to prove the corruption charges against him and said, “I am ready to be hanged if I am…

Power utility chief butts head with ruling party lawmaker

A dispute between NEA Managing Director Kulman Ghising and Nepal Communist Party (NCP) lawmaker Aman Lal Modi emerged during a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee on Tuesday after the latter accused Ghising of involvement in suspicious transactions and corruption. “The recent report by Office of the Auditor General points…

High court orders five firms to pay tariffs as determined by NEA

The Patan High Court on Sunday ordered five industrial firms to pay electricity tariff of dedicated lines/trunk lines as determined by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). The court vacated its earlier stay order. The firms had denied paying the electricity bills issued by NEA after years of consumption, arguing that they…

Hydropower goals: Ambitions and challenges

Nepal is estimated to have a hydro potential of 83,000 MW electricity, and 43,000 MW is considered to be economically viable. However, the hydropower generating capacity of 1,047 MW at present seems to be a distant dream from the government’s target of generating 15,000 MW by the year 2029 during…

Panchthar villagers ‘recharge’ their electricity supply

People recharging their phones is a common practice. But people 'recharging' their electricity supply is certainly not. However, this is how the people in Saptami Bazaar of Miklajung Rural Municipality-2 and some other nearby villages pay their electricity bills - they 'recharge' their electricity supply. These consumers have special digital…

Construction work on 200kV substation resumes

Construction work on a 200 kV substation in Paharebesi, Nuwakot, which had stalled following protests by locals, resumed on Friday. Officials of the Nepal Electricity Authority visited the construction site on the banks of the Trishuli River on Thursday to talk with the residents about their grievances. Kulman Ghising, managing…

Koshi corridor power line project faces new setback, likely to miss deadline by 10 months

Just a month after works resumed following a six-month hiatus, the Koshi corridor transmission line project has again faced a setback as the project has been barred from extracting construction materials from local rivers for the construction of substations. The national pride project, being built to evacuate around 550 MW…

Upper Trishuli III ‘A’ finally connected to national grid

The Upper Trishuli III 'A' has finally been connected to national grid on Thursday. With the production of 30 MW electricity from the first unit, the project got completion. The construction of project suffered numerous obstructions owing to earthquake and blockade. Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Kulman Ghising,…