Power Supply

  • NEA: 387 MW
  • Private Sector: 387 MW
  • India: 374 MW
  • Tripping: 20 MW
  • Demand : 1168 MW
  • Soure : NEA


OPINION: Reform distribution, capacity will follow

The more things seem to change in the vexed power sector, the more they remain the same. After a quarter century of putative power reforms, the policy focus remains stepping up generation, never mind that power distribution leaks revenue like a sieve thanks to reckless, politically mandated giveaways and routine theft. Power minister R K…

Path to power

We need to do adequate homework to reduce the cost of production of hydropower so that the goal of affordable energy can be achieved For the first time, the government of Nepal in May issued the whitepaper on power development with the objective of…

Letter for Kulman Ghising; Power import from India?

Dear friend Kulman Ghising ji, Some of the important matter of national interest, I must explain to you: You must be aware that Army is one of the most important entity to keep any nation independent and sovereign. Police force is to keep…

How can pumped storage hydropower be valued properly?

While most grid operators and utility experts agree that pumped storage hydropower (PSH) plays a key role in supporting safe, reliable and economical grid operations, it is difficult to assess the full value of all PSH services and contributions to the grid. Because of their versatility, energy storage technologies present…

Guest Viewpoint: Meeting California’s needs with out-of-state hydro

At a Northwest Power and Conservation Council meeting in November 2017, Randy Hardy spoke about electricity generation markets in the U.S. state of California. Hardy is a former administrator of the Bonneville Power Administration (which markets the power produced by federally-owned hydro projects in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.)…

Oil price will be driven by consumers rather than OPEC

Oil traders' attention is focused this week on Vienna, where ministers from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies must decide whether to increase their output in the second half of 2018. But the direction of prices over the next year will be more influenced by less…

The fourth element

Why should we wait at least ten years for a storage hydro to be ready? If  environment is conducive, private sector is ready to launch rooftop revolution Disruptions from Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE), digital technologies and opportunities for peer-to-peer transactions are challenging the business models of power utilities…

Avoiding debt trap

China seeks to break Indian monopoly in Nepal on hydropower and other infrastructure development projects Two months ago, my Sri Lankan friend at Pondicherry University told me: “Hambantota was an ambitious project for former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. He was a development lover and he…

Hydropower Foundation offers opportunities for next generation of hydro sector employees

The Hydropower Foundation, formerly the Hydro Research Foundation, coordinates a number of educational and career-building opportunities for those with an interest in joining the hydro sector -- notably through its Hydro Fellows program. HydroWorld.com has published a series of profiles about these fellows and their accomplishments,…

Pakistan’s water shortage is a myth

The country’s water scarcity is socially constructed, and large farmers engaged in agricultural exports are the culprits and the beneficiaries of it I recently came across some real news about Pakistan which merits sharing, and commenting. According to a July, 2017 article by Carole Dalin at University College, London and fellow authors,…