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Power Supply

  • NEA: 10359 MWh
  • Private Sector: 8070 MWh
  • India: 5645 MWh
  • Tripping: 0 MWh
  • Demand : 24074 MWh
  • Soure : NEA


Water scarcity and flooding are products of our hubris

At the end of June, when the monsoon was delayed by almost four weeks in Nepal, farmers were praying for the rains to begin so they could plant paddy before it was too late. However, within two weeks of its arrival, the heavy rains…

Renewable Energy – Will this year’s Budget be green enough?

With the curtains down on national elections and the country awaiting the first budget of the newly elected government, it is the renewable energy sector which is biting its fingernails. Although the focus of the government is on the renewable energy sector, it did not presumably receive the expected treatment…

Why solar parks should replace agricultural land

At first glance, solar parks are technical installations that devalue the surrounding landscape and nature. At second glance, solar parks offer enormous potential for nature and biodiversity conservation. Particularly when solar parks are built where intensive farming has been practised, areas of arable land with few species are transformed into…

Will Modi spur global inaction into action on climate-change?

The climate of change is dawning upon the global platform. The mega mandate with which Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India would begin his second term May 30, 2019, has potential to disrupt the decades-long global inertia to act on climate change, which has been recognised as the defining challenge of our times.…


This time the budget speech for the next fiscal year has addressed most of the issues of industrial sector. It has shown a bright future for the development of industry. However, we have to wait and watch how the government will implement it. The success depends on whether or not…

Post-election, it’s time for India to formalize energy reforms long deliberated

If you’re living in the capital city of Delhi in India, it is the onset of summer, yet the city already feels like a ‘gas chamber’. The coming months are expected tobecome even hotter. The situation is no different in other cities across India which are grappling with air pollution…

Election Results in India: Power sector reforms-a new agenda for the new government

New Delhi: The incoming power minister is unlikely to be troubled by any of the burning issues that her predecessors will have routinely faced early in their tenure. We are in this position having successfully tackled our long-running ordeals with power shortages, depleting fuel stocks, rising energy prices, and millions of homes without…

Power of China’s urban clusters

In February, China’s State Council unveiled guidelines for developing the “Greater Bay Area” (GBA), covering nine cities around the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong province, plus Hong Kong and Macau. While the rest of the world remains mired in a seemingly interminable debate over how to achieve inclusive and sustainable…

Electrifying India’s Transport

India’s urban population will nearly double in the next decade. More than half a billion people will live and work in Indian cities. Travel within and between cities will grow exponentially. This rapid growth poses several social, economic and environmental challenges. To convert these challenges into opportunities, India needs to…

Grid-connected solar system: New step in Nepal’s energy mix

Nepal is rich in water, solar, wind and biomass resources, but the country is unable to utilise these resources in the absence of innovative technical knowledge and finance. Given that solar is the second most abundant and preferred source of energy for Nepal after hydro, developing the solar PV industry…