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Petrol price hiked again; reaches new record of Rs 82.22 in Delhi

   September 21, 2018        749        ET Energy World

Oil Marketing Companies hiked the retail prices of petrol across the country on Friday while keeping diesel prices unchanged.

Petrol price in the national capital was hiked by 10 paise to Rs 82.22 per litre while diesel prices remained unchanged at Rs 73.87 per litre.

Prices were hiked in other metro cities too, with a litre of petrol costing Rs 89.69 in Mumbai, Rs 85.58 in Chennai and Rs 84.16 in Kolkata.

Diesel price remained unchanged at Rs 78.42 per litre in Mumbai, Rs 78.10 in Chennai and Rs 75.72 in Kolkata.

Fuel prices across the country have been scaling new heights since 31st August on the back of volatility in the international oil market and a depreciating Rupee against the dollar.

Petrol prices have been hiked by Rs 6.01 per litre and diesel prices by Rs 6.05 per litre since 1st August in Delhi.

Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal have already initiated a cut in taxes on both the transportation fuels to bring some relief to consumers.

This comes amid growing clamour for the Good Service Tax (GST) council to include petrol and diesel under the ambit of GST to bring relief to consumers.

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