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Petroleum transporters withdraw protest

   June 27, 2019        206        Republica

The Nepal Petroleum Transporters’ Federation (NPTF) has withdrawn its protest on Wednesday. Following the meeting with Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supply Matrika Prasad Yadav on Wednesday the federation decided to withdraw the protest.

During the meeting, Minister Yadav assured that the government would not impose VAT system immediately.

The government had included a provision to register in VAT mandatory for all the fuel transporters through the budget of fiscal year 2019/2020. As per the VAT act 1995, those transporters in threshold should also register themselves in VAT within 30 days.

With this provision, the transporters were supposed to register in VAT by June 28. According to Nepal Oil Corporation, there as two thousand tankers which are used to import the fuel across the country.