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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: News and rumors

   August 14, 2017        1226        Christian de Looper

Forget that the Galaxy Note 7 was an absolute disaster. Samsung is hard at work on a replacement for the popular phablet — as well as a Galaxy S9 smartphone. Samsung has officially confirmed that it will not get rid of the Note brand, and now we have new information on when in 2017 the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will launch.

But what will the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 bring? A better stylus? A sharper screen? A faster processor? We’ll officially find out on August 23, when Samsung will hold an Unpacked launch event in New York. In the meantime, here’s everything we’ve heard about the device so far.

Release and price

The Galaxy Note has traditionally been Samsung’s big release for the second half of the year, and rumors suggest that in 2017 the Galaxy Note 8 won’t break away from that tradition. We have always seen the Note go head to head with Apple’s new phones, and this year, the company may reveal the Apple iPhone 7S and the Apple iPhone 8 around September — meaning Samsung needs a major product launch to capture attention.

Samsung confirmed it will hold a Galaxy Unpacked event on August 23 in New York City, and while it doesn’t explicitly mention the Galaxy Note 8, it’s almost certainly going to be the star of the show. There are references on the invitation to a big screen, an outline of a device with a large, borderless screen, and a stylus, leaving little doubt as to what we’ll see. Last year’s Note 7 event also took place at the end of August.

While we can expect to see the Galaxy Note 8 before the end of the month, the device’s actual release date is still the subject of rumor. A leak from South Korea lays out the possible time frame, saying pre-orders will begin on September 1 and continue through to September 10. After that, a series of special events will show the phone off, before the final release date on September 15. A report from Korea’s ETNews citing a representative from an unnamed local carrier had also said sales will begin on September 15. It’s not known if these dates will apply internationally.

The Galaxy Note 8 is internally code-named “Great,” according to SamMobile, and it bears the model number SM-N950F. In late July, devices using the model number SM-N950 visited the FCC for approval, ready for launch in the near future. The phones have different model number suffixes, indicating Samsung will launch an unlocked model plus other versions specifically for carriers.

When it arrives, how much will we have to pay for one? It has never been a cheap phone, and if you consider the Galaxy S8 too expensive, look away now. It’s possible the Galaxy Note 8 will retail for 1,000 euros, according to industry sources who shared their knowledge with VentureBeat, which puts it around $1,160.


We know the Galaxy Note 8 will run Android, but which version, and with what other enhancements? Samsung will likely replicate the pressure sensitive screen feature introduced on the Galaxy S8, since the Galaxy Note 8 will not have a physical home button. Working in the same way as the S8, and the iPhone’s 3D Touch feature, it will act like a virtual home button and also reveal a shortcut menu, according to The Investor’ssource.

According to some reports the device will launch with Android 7.1.1 Nougat — meaning it may not launch with the latest and greatest version, Android O, expected later in 2017. However, it may receive an update soon after it is released, according to GalaxyClub.

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