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State power plants trip on fly ash disposal plan

   December 6, 2018        351        Amarjeet Singh

Flouting environmental norms, more than a year after the deadline set by ministry of environment and forests (Mo-EF) to dispose 100% fly ash produced by the thermal power stations by December 2017, none of the four thermal power stations owned by MP government have managed to dispose fly ash.

State power plants trip on fly ash disposal plan

Less than 20% fly ash has been disposed at Shri Singaji Thermal Power Station(SSTPS) while only 20% fly ash has been disposed of at Satpura Thermal Power Station (STPS), till October 31as per the documents available with TOI.

Earlier the MoEF had said that all the buildings and construction works under a radius of 100 kilometres from the thermal power stations should use the fly ash produced by the thermal power stations. Later, on January 27, 2016, MoEF published a gazette notification making it mandatory for use of the fly ash in construction works including the road constructions, building constructions and set deadline for 100% disposal of fly ash by thermal plants by December 2017.

Sources said that despite the provisions, fly ash is not being used in the construction works by even the government sector works. “The consumption of the fly ash in the thermal power stations where there are cement plants in the vicinity has been considerable, but in case of other plants it is a great struggle,” said an official of MP Power Generating Company Limited, on conditions of anonymity.

Managing director of the MPPGCL, A K Nanda said, “We are trying at all levels. At Satpura Thermal Power Station where the disposal is low, we have floated an EoI for cement grinding plant, but no one has shown interest in past five months. Similarly, we are also approaching all the cement based industries through social media apps like WhatsApp for providing fly ash. We are also trying to approach the coal mines, so that they could use the ash in filling up the abandoned mines and stone quarries. It is our responsibility and we are putting in best of our efforts.”