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TBM Milestone for Hydro Power, German Company planning to launch in Nepal

   March 20, 2019        2192        Krishna Prasad Bhandari
Krishna Prasad Bhandari

Kathmandu- So many hydro power projects are under construction in the country but there are some technical and critical problem to dig the tunnel. There have any tunnel portion to construct for hydro power it is major challenges for the project. But the developer have new technology or new mechanism to construct such types of tunnel the project can be complete within time and cost.

Still Nepal cannot able to import modern technology in hydro power development, this is one of the major hurdles to mitigate the target of power generation for the country. Now, a famous German company prime drilling GmbH seeking to export TBM (Tunnel boring Machine) in hydro power for the underground construction or tunneling.

Such type of TBM can resolve the problem of hydro power, the company has been also seeking to establish its own branch in Nepal soon. In this regards, the German company has set up its branch in Nepal there will come very progressive result of power generation. Chief executive officer of prime drilling Mr. Gilbert Kimpel explained such TMB can dig the tunnel 15 to 25 miter per day and the machine can construct the tunnel in any shape and geology prefer by developer.

‘If hydro power developer or company choose the TBM to construct the project within design it will be super gift for their work,’ Kimpel said, ‘Our company also produce so many type of hydro mechanical, electro mechanical equipment and penstock pipe for using of project the promoter could minimize their cost using proper technology.’

‘The government of Nepal has set up the target to generate 15 thousand MW electricity within 10 years and planning to export 5 thousand in neighboring country. For that propose the TBM is very useful technology to mitigate the target,’ said Ganga Nyouopane marketing chief of company in Nepal desk.

Company itself can take the responsibilities export, install and erection of TBM and other related equipment for the hydro power within warrant period. So that, this is very cheapest technology to develop the hydro than manual work, also it can be reduce the unnecessary cost of production of power,’ added Nyouopane.

‘According to the company it can produce different size of the TBM for any types of design or geology recommended by engineer, and the company easily produce the TBM for 500 miter to 17 kilomiters tunnel of the hydro project. Also, it can produce underground road extension equipment for any urban and semi urban area,’ explained the company.

Some important features of the company

Tunnel Boring Machine

Vortriebslänge:          no limitations
OD 1000 – OD 5000
all conditions


Available Version:

Slurry, EPB and Hard work

Slurry-TBM for all conditions

EPB-TBM for fine-grained soiles with low water permeability

Hard-Rock-TBM in fractured rock

Hybrid: Tunnel Boring Machines – suitable for pipe jacking and segmental lining projects
If there is no possibility for building a rescue shaft > switch to segmental mode > finish tunnelling

Slurry Systems – Pipe Jacking

Tunnel length:  1.000m and more
Diameter:         OD350 – OD4000
Geology:          All conditions


Difficult soil with high levels of ground water

For very long distances and large diameters

Excavated spoil is mixed with water, transportation to the surface

Water and spoil get separated, water maintains in the slurry circle

Four different modes, usability for different geologies

Hybrid: Slurry systems – suitable for pipe jacking and segmental lining projects
If there is no possibility for building a rescue shaft > switch to segmental mode > finish tunneling

EPB Systems – Pipe Jacking

Tunnel length:             1.000m and more
Diameter:                    OD1000 – OD5000
Geology:                     All conditions


Fine soils with low water permeability

For very long distances

Excavated soil gathers in the excavation chamber

Soil and advancing force build the support pressure

Excavated soil transported by screw conveyor out of the excavation chamber

By conveyor belts or lorries to the launching shaft