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Power Supply

  • NEA: 347 MW
  • Private Sector: 314 MW
  • India: 316 MW
  • Loadshedding: 300 MW
  • Demand : 1272 MW
  • Soure : NEA

Water Resources

Filming India’s water crisis

The CMS Vatavaran film festival, a five-day long event in Delhi, will showcase 113 films on the growing water crisis, and innovative ways to deal with the issue “I was sitting at a shrine high up on the mountain and through my 400mm lens I noticed this unusual boy,” Jalal…

Tunnel boring machine to start test digging today

The installation of the first ever tunnel boring machine (TBM) brought to Nepal to dig a tunnel for the Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project has been completed. Technicians from the US-based manufacturer Robbins finished putting together the machine on Friday.  The TBM has a 5-metre diameter and is 250 metres…

Can a river have legal rights? Lessons from Colombia

The Atrato river’s rights include its ‘protection, conservation, maintenance and restoration’, placing a significant burden on the state to ensure they are enforced In March 2017, a court in Uttarakhand, India, ruled that the Ganga and Yamuna rivers and their related ecosystems have “the status of a legal person, with all…

Water levels in Jhelum lowest ever recorded

With no rains in October so far, and limited rainfall in September, more than half a million people in three districts of Kashmir have been affected Mohammad Shafi Sofi has never seen the level of water in the Jhelum river as low as it has been in the last few…

People suffer serious waterlogging due to incessant rainfall in Dhaka

Vehicles are submerged on a water-logged road in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Oct. 21, 2017. Most of the roads, lanes and bylanes in the capital city suffer from serious waterlogging due to incessant rainfall since Thursday night. (Xinhua/Salim Reza) A woman with an umbrella wades through a water-logged road in Dhaka, Bangladesh,…

Itaipu welcomes heavy rains as Brazil’s drought continues

Heavy rains along its western border are giving Brazil's Itaipu plant a boost in its power production just when the South American country needs it most. The 14 GW hydroelectric project, located on the Brazil/Paraguay border, is currently passing 11,000 cubic meters of water per second, exceeding the 10,700 m3…

River diversion setback at Site C hydropower project in Canada will result in cost overruns

Cost overruns for failing to meet the current 2019 timeline to divert the Peace River, as part of constructing the 1,100-MW Site C hydropower project, will cost millions. British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro) stated this information in the latest development as the utility answered questions set out in…

Teesta: a hungry river

A series of dams and the effects of climate change have deeply undermined food security for the people living along the Teesta river in India and Bangladesh About ten years ago, people in the small village of Gajoldoba on India’s stretch of the transboundary Teesta River started noticing significant changes…

China’s ‘sponge cities’ aim to re-use 70% of rainwater – here’s how

Permeable surfaces and green infrastructure are essential to absorbing rainwater, but China needs strong environmental governance and investment for this initiative to succeed Asian cities are struggling to accommodate rapid urban migration and development is encroaching on flood-prone areas. Recent flooding in Mumbai was blamed, in part, on unregulated development of wetlands,…

Stalemate between India, Pakistan continues after most recent round of Indus Waters Treaty discussions

India and Pakistan could not come to an agreement following the latest round of Secretary-level talks on the Indus Waters Treaty. The discussion, hosted by the World Bank late last week, pertained specifically to India's 330-MW Kishenganga and 840-MW Ratlehydropower plants -- both of which Pakistan has fought throughout their development.…