Power Supply

  • NEA: 387 MW
  • Private Sector: 387 MW
  • India: 374 MW
  • Tripping: 20 MW
  • Demand : 1168 MW
  • Soure : NEA

Water Resources

Indian government should not use water crisis to justify river linking

As the recent report from government think NITI Aayog suggests, India is facing a serious water crisis. By 2030, the country’s water demand is predicted to be double its available supply. Nearly 200,000 people in India die every year due to lack of access to clean water, and the situation is rapidly getting worse.…

Transboundary EIAs could reduce conflict over river projects

In the Mekong river basin, massive infrastructure projects – dams, road, high-speed rail and ports – are under construction. While these projects will improve connectivity between countries, harmful environmental impacts need to be minimised. National level environmental impacts assessments that ignore cross border impacts are likely to create conflict between countries,…

Water shortage brings agricultural damage to Pakistan

Increasing relentless water shortage nowadays in Pakistan is effecting major crops and the targets related to the agricultural land, menacing the source of revenue of farming communities and reflecting on problem of food security. According to sources, the government has set a target for sugarcane at 68.157million tonnes, rice at…

UP government move Centre on issue of discharge of Nepal’s water into Sharda

Uttar Pradesh government is planning to take up the matter relating to heavy discharge of water into river Sharda by Nepal that causes massive floods and soil erosion in the districts through which it flows through. According to state irrigation minister Dharm Pal Singh, state will seek coordination with Nepal…

Official recognition to India’s water crisis sparks debate

India’s water crisis is now official. The government’s own think tank the National Institution for the Transformation of India (NITI) Aayog – successor to the country’s Planning Commission – says 600 million Indians face high-to-extreme water stress. This is the first time that the government has officially acknowledged and given details of…

Ganga Dussehra – the worship of a vanishing river

The festival is a mix of white cotton with bright yellow-red hues, fresh hot breakfast and an offering of redemption from sin. The summer morning air was filled with the smell of food, flowers and faith. The roads leading to the Har Ki Pauri and other ghats were a mess…

Leaders of Egypt, Ethiopia agree to mutual cooperation in Nile River management

A weekend meeting between the leaders of Egypt and Ethiopia seems to have quelled disputes over construction of the latter's Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, whose impoundment of the Blue Nile River has created tension between the African countries for years. Speaking at a joint press conference after a two-day state…

Melamchi project: Italian contractor gets 212 more days to finish work

The Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) on Thursday gave the contractor 212 more days to complete the delayed Melamchi drinking water project. This deadline is far less than Italian contractor Co-operativa Muratori e Cementisti di Ravenna’s (CMC) demand of 570 days. An official with knowledge on DAB meeting held last Friday…

10 million liters a day treatment plant for water shortage in Thimphu

The completion of 10 MLD (Millions of Liters per Day) Water Treatment Plant at Taba and the construction of Intake, Transmission main line from Dodena to Taba with further trunk lines and distribution reservoirs aims to solve the water shortage problem in Thimphu. The project funded by World Bank is…

Delhi’s groundwater plummets

As Delhi’s groundwater levels fall to crisis levels, the government moves to limit the use of borewells, but activists say this is far from enough, and is not based on any detailed information of water needs and usages As the summer season begins in…